Massage Therapists Wanted

Massage Therapists Wanted

Massage Therapists Wanted For Community Reach Project

Massage Therapists Online is the most comprehensive site for Massage Therapy in Australia. We need massage therapists to register their business so more Australian’s can make an informed decision about massage and reach out to a therapist for health and wellbeing support.

Massage Therapists Wanted is an initiative that calls for all Australian Massage Therapists to register their business. Your business will not only benefit from ongoing exposure in your local community, it will also be providing support for our community reach project Healing Hands – a social enterprise that funds relevant community health events. Register now – your business can make a difference.

A small annual fee of $22 is all it takes to bring massage therapy to people in need. See more about our project


If your massage business doesn’t have a web presence visit Massage Network for support. Membership includes your business listing here. Unlike other natural therapy pages, Massage Network Business Hub is only about Massage Therapy and only supports Massage Therapy businesses.

To register please complete the following details for consideration