Healing Hands Project

The Healing Hands Initiative

Massage Therapists Online supports Australian Communities though donations to health and wellness projects annually in each State, and though sponsorship of health practitioners participating in recognised charitable and or fundraising events. “Healing Hands” is an initiative the Australian Natural Health Group

All therapists listed here also support our ‘Healing Hands Projects’ through membership contributions. Supporting therapists in your local community that appear in our ‘Find A Massage Therapist’ listings will not only benefit your health through massage therapy, but the health and welfare of others in your community.

Our current event supported through our ‘Healing Hands Project’.

B2C Community I.T. Recycling

This year we are developing and managing the new website for B2C is a ‘social enterprise’ that provides support and work skills training in a “live work environment”, for people of all ages who are marginalised through disability, or other disadvantage.   All monies raised through our Helping Hands project will support this activity during 2017  Read more about this great social enterprise

B2C handles the collection and processing of all forms of e-waste and redundant IT equipment.  They recycle regardless of  age, specification or condition (working, non working):

  • computers big and small
  • servers
  • all forms of IT equipment
  • IT peripherals (cables, discs, software)
  • all digital equipment (iPads, iPods, tablets )
  • printers and cartridges

Their (dedicated team of volunteers, employees and trainees) work hard to prevent large scale redundant IT equipment, as well as domestic  e-waste from entering our landfills.  B2C clean, data-wipe and repair donated equipment so it can be transformed from waste to valuable resources for communities in need.  They do not receive government funding, but are a self-funded social enterprise that is only able to achieve this unmatched social and environmental contribution, through your donation of redundant IT equipment.


Promote your business and we’ll promote community health. Registration fees collected when you join or register your business at Massage Network – will be donated toward keeping this great social enterprise operational.