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Massage Therapists Online is a new initiative from the Australian Natural Health Group.

This site promotes the benefit of massage in the daily life and health of all Australians.

We support Australian communities by:

  • connecting massage therapists with their local community using strong marketing and promotional tools
  • supporting massage events in recognised health and wellbeing communities through our Helping Hands Project
  • promoting awareness of the health and wellbeing achieved through massage
  • partnering with organisations that provide reliable news and information about Massage Therapy and its benefits.
  • providing business marketing and development support for therapists to ensure they can actively participate in the promotion of their own services and sustain their business in a very competitive health marketplace

Our recently launched social enterprise “Heaping Hands Project” is an exciting opportunity for the Australian Natural Health Group and members of Massage Network, to provide support health and wellbeing in Australian communities.

Contact us +61 3 83766378 if you would like to know more or use the form below to register your massage therapy practice.